My bleeding heart

So..back to the area previously known as right breast? The place from which I exuded a vast amount of blood on Tuesday? I realise that my heart isn’t on the right but in my head it seems to be anywhere and everywhere at present…right…left…on my sleeve…in the gutter…take your pick and call it poetic licence.

I waited all day yesterday for my test results from the blood and heard nothing. Today, however I have just heard that the tests indicate that there is no new cancer . This means that  my treatment plans remain as previously. Thank goodness I can, for the moment, avoid the brain scans…I suppose I have just had a glimpse of what the future holds but, thankfully, not just yet.


6 thoughts on “My bleeding heart

  1. Pheeeeeeewwww!! Great news so pleased to hear Wendy. Thanks for the update, i’ve only ben checking about a million times. Xxxxxx


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