Happy anniversary Wendy

I’m not a great one for looking back, especially at the moment, I need to keep my eyes firmly fixed on a future (of some sort or another). However, this weekend seems to be a good moment to pause and look back. It is a year since my first cancer treatment..my first blog was written on 26 July 2013 and my first chemo was infused on 27 July 2013. This will be my 143rd blog.

So over the past year I have lost

  • my hair
  • my right breast and half of my left one
  • the contents of my stomach many times over
  • my sense of taste
  • my eyesight (on and off)
  • my husband
  • trust in others
  • two female friends (yes..two..)
  • my life as it was
  • weight

…and what have I gained

  • better and stronger relationships with friends/family and cats
  • an ability to discuss and pronounce complicated drug names
  • a familiarity with both the procedures of CT and MRI scanning and with all the staff in that department
  • a wig and a prosthesis
  • the stamina to last in the gym for more than half an hour
  • the support of people I both know and don’t know on this journey I am taking, which has been incredible – I owe both my sanity and life to so many in this eclectic group.
  • an unexpectedly different life…which I didn’t/don’t want but will grab and run with (well..OK maybe not run….”scamper” perhaps?)
  • a psychologist
  • the desire for the type of peace where I may grow to forgive
  • and of course…. not forgetting, the ubiquitous “leprosy”







7 thoughts on “Happy anniversary Wendy

  1. Can I add my (and I’m sure others’) genuine admiration to your list of things you have gained. You are one hell of a woman Dolly.


  2. You are amazing Wendy well done.
    A big thank you for keeping us all in the ‘know” at all times and giving us an insight into what life can be like for someone having chemo and all manner of medical procedures. Your ability to describe all events with honesty and humour is truly remarkable, we admire and love you lots. xxx
    Paul & Anne


  3. Happy Anniversary Wendy

    And one very important thing that you have not lost – the ability to see humour in the most horrendous of situations. For that – you are to be commended.


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    Library Co-ordinator

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    abn 33 074 318 602


  4. I can’t think of anything original to add except that I agree with all the lovely comments above mine,,,, and of course we send our love as usual to our amazing cousin xx


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