From a standing start

I now have less than a week before I return to work….I feel nervous and vulnerable BUT that’s still the plan. Only one brush with anything medical this week and that’s not until Friday…So I started this week well, up early (after 4-5 hours of broken sleep) –  did my “time” in the gym, had a shower, put the washing on….and then stopped…which is where I have been since.

I feel in a no-mans land, scared of my own shadow yet knowing at some point I need to make a move – whilst being alert to the fact that nowhere is safe from the shellfire anymore.

After my last treatment of pertuzumab on August 12th, I move over to a different team who will administer Herceptin at home. It has been an “interesting” handover. I had a very friendly phone call from someone who couldn’t seem to tell me where she was calling from “You’ve been referred to us” seemed to be the introduction. I have been referred to more places than I would like to think of in the past months…weeks…so her opener fell flat on me. I finally asked enough times to be told “Healthcare at Home” which immediately conjured up an idea that  someone had dobbed me in for dementia, incontinence, mobility issues (or all of them!) before I remembered. Healthcare at Home are the organisation who will infuse the Herceptin. We had a very jolly chat about my prognosis (which somehow seemed better than thinking about the other services Healthcare at Home might dispense) and sorted out the date for my first treatment. I received my “Welcome Pack” today – so far…so good.



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