In the news

Last time I saw my oncologist she talked to me about a new drug which would be the next line of treatment for me, when I need it – Kadcyla. We didn’t discuss it at length other than this would be the best and newest  way to deal with  my cancer. I see on the BBC news this morning that the NHS has said No to this drug which is probably not great news for me.

BBC news Kadcyla






3 thoughts on “In the news

  1. Let’s hope you won’t need it for a very long time…. And hopefully by then it will be available. Love as always from all your cousins and auntie Miriam xx


  2. hi wendy did you read all the blurb?what is routine?are you a routine case surely no! surely a “special”for which your gp can approach the special fund.thats if you ever need it.hopefully not.otherwise that m???l?????should take out a bank loan and pay for it.keep going strong..Alice


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