Another dose of poison

Tomorrow is my last treatment of pertuzumab – which, I hope, means that the “leprosy” may be gone before too long…and the antihistamines…and the antibiotics…I guess it may take more than a month or so as I am as itchy as ever the day before the next 3 weekly dose. A small chink of possibility at least…

When I get to the DTU (Day Treatment Unit) in the morning, will I talk to/say goodbye to “my crowd” ? – the people who are often there for treatment at the same time as me.  The people I always acknowledge but to whom I have rarely spoken for obvious reasons..or they seem obvious to me!

I was thinking that maybe when I leave the unit there might be a passing out ceremony of some sort, then I realised that of course there won’t be, as so many chemo patients make return visits, almost round trips…That doesn’t sound anything near bearable at the moment…

Wonder if most have to be rounded up and forced in for second/third/fourth….times…I don’t think I will be back willingly. I don’t want to go back at all.



4 thoughts on “Another dose of poison

  1. Ditto, you’ve done amazingly well to get to the last one Wend! It’s purposeful designer poison, doing it’s work. Thinking of you and farewell leprosy x B


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