Nicely drained

Inevitably the “quick” visit to the hospital today to have – what was my right breast – drained, turned into a multi-disciplinary approach. “Breast nurse” – yes…this is the name…very competently drained more old blood from the right. Then she suggested that she couldn’t drain it all as it was “loculated” and maybe I should be scanned and see the surgeon…today…..”Nothing to worry about…” of course…

Loculated, I think, means that the fluid I have gathered in my breast has formed a honeycomb and has hardened, making it harder to drain…Maybe it doesn’t mean that, but that was my understanding.

I was “nicely drained” by the nurse, then saw doctor..had ultrasound and more draining then back for “truss” fitting. Truss is my word not the word used – but I can’t remember that – The “product” is designed to work rather like breast binding – in the form of a velcro bandage type thing that I tightly wrap round myself . This is to encourage fluid not to continue to gather in the space available, by restricting the space available…Hmmmm…we’ll see….Who knew what a wide range of NHS products there were?

Then I see surgeon and nurse next week…so another hospital day for my week…but that’s OK as there’s “nothing to worry about”.


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