In the hinterland

I pitch and toss in the hinterland – an unhappy  and tearful place. I still have some welcome and familiar spots to which I cling but my main markers of life have been thoroughly swept away and lost in the torrent of deceit which has destroyed the life I knew.

I return to the hospital on Friday for more draining. It looks as though there will be plenty to do as I have sprouted a new false (blood-filled, I assume) boob in only the past few days. Just hoping I can avoid investigation by a surgeon, in case “something” needs to be done.

I’ve had enough of these endless hospital visits and treatments, enough of living with the fallout from the crippling revelations  of my husband and his brassy whore, the bare-faced cruelty of which I seem unable to get past.  Guess it would have suited them so well if I had died last year – I could have avoided the truth of their affair and they could have avoided their sordid antics being outed. But hey…as I know we don’t always get what we want. And I have certainly had my fill of being brave and strong.  Enough already…I just want to get off this train…


6 thoughts on “In the hinterland

  1. To dear Wendy……along with all my fellow blog followers, I’m sure…..we all send you lots and lots and lots of love. xxxxx


  2. Oh Wend. I know the bad times are completely outweighing the good right now, but hang on in there, the sun will shine again FOR SURE xxx lotsa love


  3. Wendy. You deserve better than all the rubbish that has and is being thrown at you.
    There are many of us in your corner praying for you.

    Love Always


  4. I think Sue’s comment above captures it well.
    By the way, is Sue the Sue from LSE with whom you shared a flat in Ealing all those years ago?


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