Betty Boop and back again

The new right breast I keep sprouting has been shrunk again….One doctor, two nurses later. One nurse attempted the drain but was “worried”.  Doctor, then introduced to proceedings who had one hand pushing needle into “breast” to drain, other hand holding ultrasound monitor. Second nurse with one hand dealing with the blood filled syringes and the other hand pressing down on “breast” to squeeze out all the blood. Very nice staff, very horrible process and, being honest, I could find better things to do to fill my days.

The continuing mystery is they don’t know where blood is seeping from, so back for Round 4 of this on Tuesday when we will do the same thing all over again plus a consultation with surgeon and possible scans. I don’t feel keen on seeing a surgeon as “seeing” seems to progress into action and I don’t want surgical action…but hey…don’t really want do go through endless inflation and deflation either.  There is also now a concern about the amount of blood I am losing and it was mooted that I may now be anaemic – although no blood test done for that (to my knowledge) – maybe they used “breast blood”?

My suggestion of putting a mould in my bra so that at least the blood can present a boob type shape, did not go down well. Apparently if I just leave it and don’t continue to have it drained it will go rigid…and the problem is?

At least I get the weekend off.


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