Worry Wart

“Nothing to worry about” is beginning to sound less convincing and is wearing a bit thin now…The area that was my right breast has re-inflated over the weekend. After an early morning phone call from Breast Nurse to enquire about “developments”,  my plans have changed again. As the draining seems not to be working, they have held off another round of this activity. Instead of pitching up at the hospital today for a selection of opinions, I have seen phlebotomy instead and filled, what must be enough blood bottles, to fill a blood bottle recycling bin!  Now am booked into the multi-disciplinary Breast Clinic tomorrow morning.

Looks like I will definitely be scanned and seen by the elusive surgeon and it remains to be seen what other procedures/indignities will be laid on as part of the outing. I have been warned that the appointment may take some time…There seems now to be an added issue of having lost over 10 kg in weight in less than 2 weeks. Worry, anxiety and emotional turmoil seem the obvious cause to me which I am unsure will be picked up on any scan but hey…let’s see. I had seen the weight loss as the silver lining to the cloud and now even that is being turned into a possible problem.

My working week has been somewhat sidelined by this hospital and GP circuit, so I am attempting to do what I can  from home between the array of medical fixtures…


4 thoughts on “Worry Wart

  1. are you eating, Wendy? that is most likely cause of weight loss. Let me know how it goes. I’m off to the Marsden in an hour to be told off for making the unilateral decision to come off the chemo as it makes me feel bloody awful. Dreading what they say
    . big hugs and kissses


  2. Not surprised about the weight loss with the amount of emotional turmoil.
    Sorry to hear the hospital visit turned out so awful.

    Much love


    1. sosorry about your latest bad experience not surprised about the weight loss a pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter whatever fluid they drained probably weighed a lot more.sorry i’m not into kilos etc.i lost 2 1/2 stones chemo destroyed my appetite but now i’m struggling to keep it off.eat what you fancy and when you fancy it even in the middle of the night.still praying love alice


  3. Definitely a time to prioritise eating over working. I spend my days in the office attempting the opposite but with little effect.
    See you soon


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