Prognostication and soul searching

It was inevitable that taking a step out of the medical world for a week would result in a backlog, which is exactly how it’s been this week.

I am now 4+ weeks since my last pertuzumab dose and the “leprosy” is dwindling…I have, at last finished the endless months of antibiotics and am managing to finally cut back my antihistamine intake to roughly “normal” levels. (Bearing in mind, my “normal” is something very special!)

I had my first dose of Herceptin at home on Monday, and in fact, needn’t have worried about what to do with a nurse in the house for the two hours it took to administer. The nurse and I did paperwork, which took up most of the afternoon. There was some really interesting questions I had to answer whilst hooked up to the infusion. I ended up unsure whether the “questionnaire” was designed to provide light entertainment whilst you are treated or whether there was actually a medical  purpose to this deep and bizarre probing (ranging from your toilet habits to your attitude to domestic pets). It was great to see community teams using i-pads where they have your clinical records, can access blood test results and the outer world as well as personally being able to sign off on what has been done, without having to store paper files in the house.

Then to oncology. The good news is that they are unworried about my re-sprouted right breast. It is apparently fine unless it bothers me and will (or was that “should”?) resolve in time.  I quite like it, it is rather like a phantom breast that completely dispenses with the need for a prosthesis (if I hadn’t already ditched it, of course) and is rock hard and quite perky…One worry to cross off the list (temporarily at least).

The bad news is that I pushed for a prognosis. This came with endless conditions, ifs and buts and hopes of new treatments BUT was, in effect, exactly what I had thought from the outset. Ballpark looking like about 4 years. Next scans in October to keep a watch on internal organs and brain (and of course breast) which are the likeliest potential hot-spots.

GP and assorted therapists tomorrow…. and  hey…I have even managed a few hours at work as well..and it’s only Wednesday.




4 thoughts on “Prognostication and soul searching

  1. Sending you love and hugs. Try to keep focused on the here and now, and plan for some fun things to do. Must be hard. You’re brilliant keeping up with the blog, well done! Love Ally xx


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