I’ve already heard all the jokes…

As if I wasn’t juggling enough appointments and hospital departments, I now have a new one for the list…if I can be “arsed” to follow it up….Oh yes…it’s the bowel “people” for me now – either in combination with orthopaedics or not…depending what they say. After presenting a pain free spine to the orthopaedic head honcho on Monday – filled with relief,  after my months in the gym, I was then pulled back to earth as, on examination, he found “problems”. So it is back to the drawing board with a new specialty.

Off to my “usual” hospital tomorrow – I’m doing well this week – only 2 medical appointments..and the same next week too…then they start piling up again…There is also the re-grown right breast that continues to swell BUT I was told that I only need to deal with it if and when it bothers me. It’s not bothering me, so inaction seems good!

The “leprosy” is fading but not completely gone yet…hopefully it will have all disappeared when I return to the dermatologists at the start of next month and I can retire from the medical mystery shelf!

And the rest of life…well…it seems fairly stuck dealing with all the admin surrounding my medical “conditions”. Escaping  the impending British winter, endless sleepless nights and the claws of my “old life” currently feels like pure fantasy.




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