Mother’s Ruin…or is it Mothers’ Ruin?

Lurching through this week supported by gin (fortunately I won a case way back when) which is proving very helpful…

Personal stuff  dominates my head, heart and tear ducts but continuing medical stuff continues to bubble up and erupt through the surface.  I will see Occupational Health on Friday but meantime have been dealing with poor vision, poor liver function tests, and more dental work whilst I have sidelined the bowel issue which also needs me to do something…How to fit it all in?

It seems bizarre that I am looking at “retiring”.  Possibly very soon. So far as I was concerned I hadn’t yet reached the stage of deciding what I want to do when I grow up…and now I seem to have reached the end of the road (in one sense at least…).  Guess that means I have to start out on yet another new road…Too many new roads at the moment, for my liking,  all far too scary and with no reverse gear options. Struggling to find it “exciting” and struggling to stop yearning for my old life.

One of the techniques suggested to me was scheduling “worry time” into the day. A scheduled time where you focus all your worries. The idea being that you silently acknowledge worries the rest of the day but shelve it for your “worry time”. I somehow can’t believe that this has been a great success with Jewish women…. the day isn’t long enough! Jewish mothers worry. It’s a total cliche, but just how we are programmed.


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Ruin…or is it Mothers’ Ruin?

  1. Mindfulness really works for me Wendy. I only worry about today. No point worrying about yesterday and tomorrow will take care of itself. Yes, I am in denial but it’s the only way I can cope.
    Thinking about you. Ronnie xx


  2. All mothers worry, that’s the deal. Catholic mothers also throw guilt in to the equation. Life is so much better as an atheist! Hope you find a way to enjoy the moment, that’s the challenge I think. See you for Book Club.


  3. Wend – can you email me please, I have had computer problems and it has been wiped clean. TOTALLY CLEAN. I have no email addresses. Do you have any plans for Tuesday? xx


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