Skin and hair…the grey areas…

It is ten months since my last chemo treatment and I, only now, have enough hair from which I can squeeze water out , after a shower (a very small amount of water squeezed from a very small amount of hair)…Not sure if people were being “encouraging” by saying it only took about four months for your hair to come back, or whether I misinterpreted “hair” as being hair you would recognise as being a part of me! Either way, it’s back – very different…but back! However….not enough to grow a fringe (of any sort) yet…

It is “ology” week again this week….

First – Dermatology consultants today and their array of both clinical and phone photos of my arms. I hope that I may be able to put “skin” to bed as my leprosy has continued to improve since the toxic “pertuzumab” was stopped. I am reluctant to say that the problem has gone as I seem to have a different skin condition developing – on my shoulders – but maybe I won’t mention that.  The more I mention, the more hospital appointments I gather…Think I have now (finally!) got a handle on the things I really need to follow through and those that can fester on the sidelines.



2 thoughts on “Skin and hair…the grey areas…

  1. h i wendy. still praying and hugging.I was hoping for blonde curls.I got grey/white slight wave one side dead straight the other but I’m getting used to it.positive is only the opposite of negative whats wrong with neutral for now?


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