Goodbye BST

The clocks go back tonight  which, overnight, presages winter…I am feeling maudlin about it, despite the fact that my summer has not been exactly riotous!  Still, the sooner this year is out of the way the better, and I guess that means facing winter!

On a personal achievement front I am now in possession a Swedish recipe for gravadlax (and yes…it was translated for me!). I love the fact that you need “insane amounts of dill”. I may need to give this a trial run very soon, when I gather the wherewithal …Surely this should be a something in everybody’s repertoire but somehow it eluded mine. The method looks straightforward enough but the thin slicing element may have to be “outsourced”!

Health-wise – I thought I was laying low for a brief interlude but my “leprosy” seems to be ambushing me again – it has mounted a rearguard action and seems a rather different presentation from the last bout. Itchy as hell though….whatever it is!





1 thought on “Goodbye BST

  1. I too have a gravlax recipe but have never dared to try it. (wherefrom insane amounts of dill? Sweden? Too far……)

    I do have a wonderful salmon recipe that I use often and it makes one feel very happy. It is so yummy. It is Jamie Oliver’s Keralan fish tray curry recipe (not sure which order the words come, but if you google all those words then the recipe appears!!!)

    It sounds hard but isn’t. more a case of having the ingredients and then hurling them all together and sticking them in the oven.

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