I made it and we ate it…

The gravadlax was lovingly prepared by me and my sous-chef…I am not sure it requires two people to assemble (there was no mention of it in the Swedish instructions but perhaps it was lost in translation…?) but it was more fun that way! There were waves of deliberation about how to arrange it best to fester marinate and in what dish and for how long at room temperature and how long in the fridge…but it worked! Unfortunately I can’t remember what we decided so will be unable to repeat it in the same way again BUT a culinary triumph even if the thin slicing left a lot to be desired. Suspect a sharp knife may be the key.

This provided the perfect diversion (Swedish and Jewish culture collide and salivate together) between being scanned and waiting for the results…That said, I still have another week to wait for the results so maybe I should experiment further but maybe with something I can do as a single portion!

As I was “carving” the salmon, I did think that at least this will be something new to “discuss” with the Healthcare at Home nurse next Monday, when I have my next dose of Herceptin. I wonder if this unnatural situation of being watched by a nurse as the drug infuses and “chatting” will get any easier…or how many times I will have to sit through it…or what else I might have to sit through..or what those scans have found or not found…My nails are turning purple – is this a sign?



2 thoughts on “I made it and we ate it…

  1. Did you find the vast amounts of dill?

    I love dill and every year lovingly dig it into the sandy soil of Perth, feed it, water it and compost it. Then watch it shrivel and die under the scorching west Australian sun……..

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