Why Oh Why?

I am expecting 3 packages today, all of which are marked as “out for delivery” on the tracking systems. This inevitably involves a day at home. Not so bad on a drizzly, cold winter’s day but there is something about having to stay home that makes me find really urgent errands that must be done today…Why is that?

Two of these packages are being delivered by Parcelforce 24 – one has arrived – the other hasn’t. Why? Why have 2 packages from same supplier for the same address been “loaded onto the van” at the same depot but not in the same van? My assumption – rightly or wrongly – is that the second package, also being a next-day delivery will actually arrive today…I could of course be wrong and I will have to repeat today tomorrow…and/or Monday because Saturday may not be considered a “working day”.

Whilst confined to barracks another random question has been bothering me, after impaling myself on something in the garden. Why are plasters wrapped in such human-proof sealed units to make opening them, with a bleeding injury, so impossible? Have we not evolved enough to make them fit for purpose?

OK…so that about fixes where I am at today – truly sweating the small stuff which keeps me preoccupied enough so that I am not thinking about the bigger stuff…life expectancy, scan results, blood results, more treatment, retirement and, of course what to “chat” about on Monday with the Healthcare at Home nurse…




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