Black and blue and brain scan too!

As I discharged myself from A&E on Sunday morning, there was no follow-up arranged so have had to piece things together myself…

Yesterday I had a full-on day with Oncology consultant, GP and MRI scanner. There was a suspicion that my loss of consciousness on Saturday night might have been caused by the cancer having spread to my brain. If this was the case it was seriously bad news so we had to “investigate” which meant an urgent brain scan. My very caring and concerned consultant managed to get me an appointment for later in the day and she said she would come and give me the results straight afterwards. Meantime my CT scans – done a week or so ago, were good. Herceptin is doing its stuff and keeping the cancer at bay (at least below my neck!)

Whilst feeling fairly confident that my cancer hadn’t spread – it was an odd day wondering if I was “OK” (it’s all relative) or whether I was going to receive a 6 months or less prognosis before bedtime….Bizarrely the friend who accompanied me all day and ferried me about (back and forth to the various appointments) was far more concerned and edgy than I was. Instead, I was worrying about the contradictory messages I was getting on my phone about today’s Herceptin treatment (delayed from Monday).

Late afternoon I was back at the hospital again, another cannula in and into the “head restraint” for my brain scan. Why is it that they give you earplugs to put in and only then tell you stuff about the procedure? I just zoned out as the loud noises rang out around me, beeps, mini-explosions, drilling, foghorns…I heard it all! Then sat and waited…

Bottom line is that my brain is “normal” – who knew? Although I was reminded that the brain scan only measures the anatomy – not brain function! arm is black and blue from all the cannula activity and blood tests of recent days/weeks…and I have discovered whole new areas of bruising this morning covering half my arm which adds to the rainbow around my back and coccyx. I am dressing in black and blue to match!

Jeez…another cannula this afternoon…can hardly wait….



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