• Still have a very bruised bottom – which makes sitting a painful problem.
  • Scabby sores and lumps on the back of my head.
  • Still need to organise investigations for recent collapse
  • And now….two days of having no voice…No cough, no cold, just no voice…Is it a sign, and if so, what of?!

4 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. Oh dear Lord, I recall a 10 hour flight to LA with a cracked coccyx …. worst flight of my life, BEYOND agony. So can sympathise totally.
    No voice? Our Wend? The cats must be very confused. Maybe the voice box is connected to bottom and back of head …. (don’t know how I managed to become a nurse) I agree with Sandra! xx


  2. Don’t panic…..it’s a sign alright. It’s a sign that cough and cold season is here.
    What a good reason to have to put one to paper! No excuses when your next writing sample is due! 😉


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