It seems that I have laryngitis…or at least I seem to have all the symptoms of laryngitis…

  • No voice which alternates with hoarse voice then returning to no voice
  • A constant need to clear my throat but nothing happens, no frog…no voice…
  • And now I am developing a sore and swollen throat to boot

This is day 5 and I have had enough!

A few days of quiet was, I’m sure, a blessing for everyone but now the phone calls I have been putting off grow more urgent and I am finding it ever more difficult to keep repeating myself because people can’t hear what I am trying to say…Talking to myself/the cats/the telly is, as you might guess, the overwhelming issue let alone trying to manage a hospital/doctor appointment or even ringing to change them!

I blame the healthy living – eating from organic veg boxes, going to the gym, getting more sleep etc…It’s obviously not good for me. I daydream of the warmth of the Caribbean with a rum punch in my hand – that has to be the cure-all…even though the insurers continue to  say no…



1 thought on “Laryngitis?

  1. Wendy, I too woke up with no voice two weeks ago, granted I did have a sniffle before, but no sign of no voice. In my case it lasted two days with absolutley no voice but then a few more days with a croak. It then slipped down to who knows where and became a cough!
    I think this is a bug going around and this is meant to be reassurance!!
    I hope you are on the mend. A rum punch sounds the perfect medicine.


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