Make do and mend

It may be unorthodox (but when has that ever been a deterrent?) but when your wisteria drops all its leaves overnight  (well…not all its leaves – half of them, so inevitably a two-staged job. God forbid they should all conveniently drop at the same moment – but nature doesn’t seem to do that) – then sweeping up is not an option. I got out the Dyson and…what do you know – it doesn’t irritatingly blow leaves around the “hood” but sucks them up – cleanly and efficiently, to enable dumping into the “brown” recycling bin as the container fills up…Result! I was (very briefly) embarrassed by the fact that someone might catch me doing outside vacuum cleaning but hey….I have suffered worse indignities in recent months.

My home maintenance situation remains somewhat compromised – a plug socket has come out of the wall – but I find I have no screwdriver to fix it….so no vacuuming in that area! Ceiling light bulbs keep blowing but I have neither the height, the suction nor the ability to replace them…What’s a girl to do? Do I have to invest in a tool-kit? Really? I wouldn’t even know what I “needed”.  Also a tool-kit feels rather close to the ignominy of owning a sewing box….I needed the tool that makes holes in things (another hole in handbag strap was required) the other day. This tool, for which I don’t know the name, used to lurk in the cupboard, but it’s gone….so I made do with a pair of not very sharp scissors…it wasn’t pretty…

More herceptin treatment on Monday – usually this is done in what is now the unlit room…will have to hope that the nurse comes in daylight…She is supposed to confirm arrival time for Monday on a Friday afternoon but as afternoon lurches into evening the phone remains silent…Hey ho…


3 thoughts on “Make do and mend

  1. Might have a man that could do a few jobs. “If needed”. Never thought about getting the hoover out to get rid of leaves. Nice one.

    Love Sandra


  2. Hi Wendy

    I have few answers to most of your woes – but here in Aus we have a group of people who go by the name of The Grey Army . This is a wonderful bunch of retired tradesman whom one contacts to do exactly what you’re in need of doing around the house. The benefit of them (as opposed to “normal” tradies”), is that they are prompt, efficient and love a chat with a cup of tea. If you have anyone similar in y our neighbourhood – I recommend them!

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    [Campion Education]
    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd
    7 Oxleigh Drive, Malaga WA 6090

    t 08 6240 2712
    f 08 6240 2799
    m 0434 954 554
    w / / /

    abn 33 074 318 602


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