Ground Zero

After a cluster of great days with some absolutely amazing random acts of kindness (for which I can hardly express enough gratitude), I am back to ground zero. There was a minor blip in the good days – my confusing Richard Dawkins with Stephen Hawking was not my best moment. OK, I had imbibed several glasses of wine but how embarrassing is that? (especially whilst trying to appear an intelligent member of the local community). Oh well..I have been uncovered for what I am…again!

Went to have my echo today in a brand new area of the hospital and had a very lively sonographer (?) performing the test, who kept me entertained with her passion for Bette Midler as a performer. I now know the plot of several of her films that I had not previously encountered. There are always new learning opportunities to be grasped within the NHS! I am assuming that I was OK as nothing alarming was imparted.

The bad news is not about me but somebody very close who has been dealt a really tough hand today. Can’t absorb it and can’t imagine my life without her in it…stealing my cancer thunder? Hmmm…that’s a truly shitty move to make on me….But I will support as best I can as we have shared so much of life and especially over the past year or so knowing that we were likely to be sharing a similar endgame.

Meantime (just to throw the cat among the pigeons)  my sciatic pain is back in full-flow. I thought I had conquered the pain of spondylolisthesis but it appears not – so back I trudge/limp/roll to orthopaedics again…

Isn’t it time for someone else to have the bad news fairy?



1 thought on “Ground Zero

  1. No stress

    I am ashamed to say I was madly-in-love (long ago) with a man who extolled the virtues of Ingmar Bergman when she (sic) acted in Casablanca.

    Love is blind and humans are forgiving

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    Library Co-ordinator

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