My First Haircut

jackson 5

So…a year after the end of chemo I had my first haircut. I no longer look like one of the Jackson Five – “hairwise” that is (of course)…
Hair that has grown back is less grey than the hair I lost, fancy that – me bucking the trend….Guess it must be the lack of stress & worry over the past 12 months! Yeah..right!

Adulterous husband
Cheating friends
Dying friend
Divorce process
Reduced income
Unexpected passing out
Metastatic cancer

but hey…I have hair again…


3 thoughts on “My First Haircut

  1. I read your entire blog……and cried. Men must have a different idea of love than women. What will he do if SHE gets sick?
    Please find Chumplady blog. It is written from the perspective of someone cheated on whose blog has been a safe place for “chumps” like you.
    Wishing you joy in your life.


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