So, a pre-Christmas “jaunt” to the hospital this morning. It seems a while since I was there…or at that particular hospital anyway. More herceptin treatment on Monday – pre-loading for the festive period? I hope this round will go smoothly as, against the odds, I did manage to get an appointment for an echocardiogram and have had that done. (I have no idea about the results but it is done!) Hopefully, all relevant boxes will be able to be ticked and I won’t have to face delays and the inevitable Bank Holiday issues.

I feel as if I am on a conveyor belt for some horrible initiation rite or test…Is there an obvious “lesson” that I am just not learning?

2013 Annus horribilis
Cancer diagnosed
2014 Annus horriblier
Enough said previously about my marriage car crash and the destruction of friendships. (Being “in love” with my husband is just no excuse for the betrayals done to me on the back of this). But hey…obviously that wasn’t horrible enough for me and I now face the looming death of very bestest of friends.

I have (to date) survived this – albeit with loss of breast, 20 kilos, my job, faith in much of humanity, trust and life as it was…

2015 ? Annus horribliest


One thought on “Pre-loading

  1. Oh Wendy ! I really hope and pray that 2015 will be much better. Surely it can;t
    be worst than what you have been through.

    Hoping you will be with all those good friends over Christmas and New Year.
    Love Sandra x


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