The shortest day…the longest night

At last, it is the shortest day of the year. Up until now I have always greeted this day with joy, as the year’s cycle only starts improving (from my perspective) at this point as the days start extending again. Much though I would like to “celebrate”, my sense of optimism has truly flown the coop this year.

I continue to wonder why life can’t wait until I have attempted to absorb recent insidious heavy blows before throwing out yet more…and more?

A poignant day today – it is the anniversary of the death of a colleague/friend back in 2006 and this year I remember him (as always) whilst girding my loins for another loss…

“And other strains of woe, which now seem woe,
Compared with loss of thee, will not seem so.”  (Shakespeare – Sonnet 90)

BUT…side by side with the tear stained cheeks is still a clenched fist grasping every flicker of hope and joy….

  • My food shop is imminent. My fridge yawns –  more than ready to be filled again
  • My true friends and family continue to rally round me and continue to keep me standing each and every time I try to fall
  • My Christmas will be packed full of people I love and who love me – as well as a groaning table and, dare I hope…laughter
  • My cats remain steadfast and true!
  • And hey…I am still alive…

6 thoughts on “The shortest day…the longest night

  1. I also remember the sad and sudden loss that we experienced in 2006. A loss like no other that I had known. In my experience new losses bring back the feelings and physical sensations associated with the previous ones, always making me feel a bit guilty. My thoughts are with you in this dark time and hope there will be rays of sunshine as the nights get shorter.
    M x


  2. Yes you have reminded me of this terrible time something I never forget.
    I do hope that your Christmas Day you will feel some happiness with those who
    love you.

    Thinking of you as always.
    Sandra x


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