What could possibly be left to go wrong?

I only have half a Christmas dinner to prepare so that should make life easier, I thought. Unfortunately I forgot my tendency towards breakages….Yesterday was epic….

  1. I began the day breaking a mirror – 7 years bad luck…..really? REALLY?
  2. Then I started to assemble my Christmas trifle in the brand new cut-glass trifle bowl my lovely mum bought me last year to replace my make do and mend approach to trifle. Well…it started well and first wave of trifling was in fridge. It all started to go wrong when I got it out to add the custard and the whole base and half the pedestal splintered (or did I clumsily bash it against the worktop? – jury is still out…). Good news – no glass in the trifle. Bad news – how to you support a heavy trifle dish with shards of pedestal hanging off? Hmmmm…yet to resolve that one..it is currently suspended over a plastic jug (aha!…back to make do and mend!), but I’m not giving up just yet as there is only the cream now to add…What would Mary Berry do?
  3. As if this wasn’t enough…whilst emptying dishwasher I dropped (and, naturally smashed to smithereens) 2 wine glasses…

This was all morning activity – no alcohol of any sort had passed my lips…I revert back to my standard response of “Is this a sign?” – A sign of bloody what else?


3 thoughts on “What could possibly be left to go wrong?

  1. Maybe you should have had a glass of something……!!! Oh dear, sounds disastrous! Re the trifle dish…..make a large jelly and then rest the broken trifle dish into the jelly and add some holly around and Hey Presto! Hhhhmmm, I’ll work on it ! Merry Xmas Wendy. Love Ally xxxx


  2. It just proves your normal, we all get days (at least I do) when everything lands on the floor. Its all Bah Humbug. Hope you have enjoyed this festive day, and thank goodness its over now. Love Chris


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