Fancy Santa coming to Oxford

Christmas ain’t what it used to be…

Christmas Eve saw me and friend in the garden at 5:20pm (as instructed by Radio 4) to watch…ah! well that is what we had forgotten…Fast moving star? Santa? Eclipse of some sort? – We did see something moving quickly but couldn’t be sure it wasn’t a plane but it looked like something significant and boy was it cold…and now well past 5:20. So we assumed we had seen the something of significance and went indoors. (This is from someone who genuinely has no interest at all in space or even the night sky other than enjoying twinkly stars…) So was it the space station? was it a “sign” that my luck (hah!) is about to change –

…or was it really Santa?

Meantime, as I spent the evening working my way through the bubbly in the fridge…the 20 somethings were upstairs drinking tea…Modern family life eh?


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