Do as you would be done by

“Do as you would be done by” seems an appropriate thought for the end of this year from Hell and the start of a new chapter (albeit calendrical !)

My health seems stable – which is as good as it gets. I have not passed out again recently (although I do seem to have an unexplained lump, cut and bruise over left eyebrow – with absolutely no idea of its provenance.) Hair is well and truly back – full-on and curly. Leprosy has gone – hurrah! Eyes not great – but they never were! Diabetes – OKish…Back – holding up for the moment (despite the likelihood of surgery in 2015) BUT no medical appointments for another fortnight.

So I am letting 2014 finally tumble into a deep abyss along with an overspilling magnum of  lost hopes, lost dreams, lost friendships, despair and tears and I will slip into 2015 glad that we are all unaware of what lurks round the corner…How on earth would you get up in the morning if you knew?

I still have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to get up for in the mornings.  Who knew how wonderful people could be (and often totally unexpected people) when cancer struck and when the follow-up Judas Kiss wave of sh** hit the fan this year? Without you I wouldn’t have reached this point and, whilst living still feels tenuous..I am doing it…hey I’m doing it!


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