In the Wild

So…Twelfth Night – yes, January and I have been “wild swimming” today – is that what they call it? Yes, fairly mad…but that’s me! I am planning more mad? wild? things for the weeks to come…This is all relative, of course…relative to my “usual”.

Having spent many years being fearful of anything and everything, I now finally realise that life is short (you would have thought – really…I had been given enough prompts over the past year or two…but I have been rather slow on the uptake! ) and suddenly feel like doing things I either hadn’t considered before or, maybe lacked the confidence to even think of…or think and decide for myself.

I am ignoring the twinges and the complete exhaustion for now and am going with the flow.! I am doing stuff I wouldn’t even have considered a few months ago….New people, new experiences,  new places…

It’s a crazy start to the year, but hey…Who knows how many I have…time to take some chances. How hard can it be??


3 thoughts on “In the Wild

  1. Dear Wendy

    I love the idea of you wild swimming in January. Go girl!!!! I had to tell you that over the holidays I unearthed a bundle of old diaries ( not the personal outpouring type, more Letts style ) but the one for 1979 revealed that on this day your lovely Mum and Dad took the two of us out to dinner in London and if I remember correctly were treated (at your command) to several performances of my pronunciation of ‘trousers’.

    Lovely memories. Sometimes it is so much easier to look back… are in my thoughts a great deal and if you are up for a visit just key me know and I’ll hop on a train. As long as no firm of swimming is involved.



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  2. What is wild swimming. Is it like swimming in a rain forest pool near Cairns. Out of the whole group only a very fat Chinese child and myself took the plunge. I realised afterwards they were all scared of crocodiles. What the heck. The pool was like the one on the shampoo ad. and I knew that I would never get another chance like this again! Is this another example of wild swimming?


  3. Yes! I’m right there with you. I never considered myself particularly “fearful,” but lately I realize there are a lot of things/experiences I’ve closed myself off from. No more! Here’s to wild swimming in 2015!


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