“Bad things come from the north”

I am, reliably told, that the Bible (??) tells us that bad things always come from the north…Who knew? Does this include northerners, such as myself? Certainly food for thought…but I remain unsure of what to make of it…or if it even has any meaning at all. That said, it keeps making me laugh and maybe that’s  enough!

I’ve spent the past week or so on a journey (quest perhaps) of my own, looking for answers (without really knowing the questions)…and looking, learning and discussing things I have not even touched before. I have also been evaluating and questioning long held beliefs and challenging a very cynical core that I seem to have nurtured unwittingly …Somehow this seems like a preferable start to a year than a “dry” January!…I don’t seem to ever do things by halves, and the travails continue…

Simultaneously I have been girding my loins (if that is an appropriate analogy) for what is about to be a huge personal loss…Bigger by far than those of the past year…

Let’s just hope that further bad things stay in the north! But I guess most places are north of somewhere!

Meantime I’ll just keep taking the tablets…


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