The other woman

I have received a 4 page love letter…sadly not “for” me but to one of my cats Alfie….who, apparently is “the most precious cat ever met” and he has stolen another’s heart! Who knew that the cat who regularly hisses and snipes at me was being such a flirt across the road from me to a woman whose waking thought each day…is Alfie, especially now she is about to move house!  He regularly overnights there, apparently, on his “own pillow”. Tomorrow I am scheduled to meet this other woman to “share my thoughts on the situation”….hmmmm… not quite sure what the “situation” is…but imagine she wants to take my very independent cat with her…Wonder if she knows that as well as his “home” here, he also has “his” room and a multitude of resting places at other houses in the neighbourhood as well…

Aside from this light entertainment I am still trawling through mud…3 consecutive days of medical appointments this coming week (eyes, cancer and head!)…they just keep coming




2 thoughts on “The other woman

  1. hi Wendy.sorry about Alfie .dont want to give you false hopes but cats are such awkward creatures they will travel miles(or is it kilometres in new language?)to their last home. good luck with everything.Alice


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