Do dreams come true…

I have spent much  most  all of my adult life wishing and dreaming I was slim (rather than doing anything about it!). Somehow I thought a different life would await me if only I was a slim person…a small breasted, slim person. Well, how right I was and how wrong I was. Sadly, the “different” life, now I am slim, is not the one that I had thought I was waiting for nor the route taken. But there’s the thing, maybe I needed to be thrown off the cliff to get slim (and a different cliff for the small breasted version) and now need to re-create myself and my new life…Hmmmm…not quite what I had been thinking all this time…but there again, nothing has been what I had been thinking…should I stop thinking, perhaps?

I have lost over 25kg since my husband walked out on me seeking comfort and “a new life” with my ex-friend. I have  survived this – physically shrinking and mentally growing in the process…I may still have metastastic cancer but hey…I tried on an extra-small dress in a shop the other day! EXTRA-SMALL??? I didn’t buy it but that wasn’t the point – I looked great in it, really great!

…and the cat…the story is not over…he is, in theory, now staying here BUT he hasn’t come “home” yet today…


2 thoughts on “Do dreams come true…

  1. Hi Wendy

    Funny how life sometimes fulfils our wishes only to find out that the result is less than desired….

    My husband has been battling a 10 kg weight gain (since he was 18!!! Me – I am 20 kg more, but – hey! Let’s not go there….) and really trying hard to no success (heavy gym, swimming, cutting the crust off his toast) but THEN had to have 2 impacted wisdom teeth removed. They hit the nerve which caused a lot of problems (numbness, no sensation, tingling etc) but after a couple of months later the troubles really started. End result – he has picked up a staph infection in the jawbone, is on huge doses of antibiotics which cause very nasty side effects, and may have to have the jaw removed PLUS he has lost 12 kgs in weight. He would rather have the weight gain.

    You have spring to look forward to – as I know the weather in the UK has been horrid. We have just had rain for the first time in 68 days but the temperature is still 38C. Rather like having an overly warm shower!!!

    Our schools go back today. It is mayhem on the roads. I look forward to getting “back into the groove”.

    Bev xxxx

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