Fizzy and fuzzy

OK…I have been persuaded it is time to “see someone” to try and uncover why I am collapsing left, right and centre. “Someone” is the GP and today’s the day. I have not rushed to have any investigations done as, after the last time I passed out, I had a brain scan which was OK. Do I want to know about any other possibilities which undoubtedly will mean restrictions of one sort or another? Or, the more likely scenario of nothing at all being found – which wouldn’t provide any reassurance but just take up more of the “living” time at medical appointments. Somehow not knowing, not being checked out seemed the better option…but I have bowed to the pressure from assorted friends!

Meantime, my hands have been “fizzy” for a couple of weeks (can’t think of any other way to describe them) and my head feels scrambled…and I just feel very slow on every level…apart from when I am at the gym! Who knew that the gym would be one of my blue sky moments?!


2 thoughts on “Fizzy and fuzzy

  1. Hi Wend Just to keep in touch, you’re amazing as ever but my goodness. . . . I meanwhile am a bit up and down, double loss, double trouble, prone to tears but am determined not to spend too much time grieving as there may not be much of it left, as you know. In view of this please let me know if there is anything you’d like to do/be with me,( or not that’s fine too). Booked ahead I have car, lots of time,. . . Or play it by ear or just go out for food, potter around Henley?, cinema, clothes shopping, anything. I can bring lunch over and an amusing dvd! The list is endless!!! Lots of love Wend and drop me a line when you can xxxxxxxxx B

    Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2015 10:55:36 +0000 To:


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