How much can a person take? Isn’t there some biblical “thing” where “we” are promised not to be given more than we can handle? I am now really wondering how that works. I suspect that as a non-bible basher the above does not apply. That is the only way I can interpret what’s going on in my world.

Whilst I am treasuring the short bursts of time I am spending with my friend it is unutterably sad to watch her dying in front of me whilst she simultaneously tries to bear the pain of everybody around her. I have defined my own role as being the strong one…to keep talking about regular stuff…to make her laugh…make her remember…to touch her whilst I can. It is a supreme effort in mindfulness as we cannot think beyond the here and now…although we have been known to stray into wondering whether she will be able to warm a spot for me!

My medical stuff, emotional turmoil and practical arrangements assume little importance whilst I try and deal with this.

“…And other strains of woe which now see woe                                                                                           Compared with loss of thee will not seem so”


3 thoughts on “Clemency

  1. I hope the words you find are of some comfort to you and I’m sure your presence is comforting. One day at a time (and hoping I haven’t planted an unwelcome ear worm there!) x


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