Why is A.A. Milne haunting my blog?

“…Halfway up the stairs
Isn’t up
And it isn’t down.”

I thought I was in bed when I opened my eyes last night…but instead found myself lying head-first halfway down the stairs with my cat staring me in the face, making a loud noise as she attempted (vainly) to nudge me back to the top. I had gone upstairs (what appears to be a couple of hours earlier), put on my pyjamas and, so far as I can recall was on my way to the bathroom when whatever happened, happened…I dusted myself down, picked myself up and started all over again….going to bed (by a more direct route!) having decided that the trip to the bathroom was non-essential…I went to sleep and all’s well today…

Whatever next?


2 thoughts on “Why is A.A. Milne haunting my blog?

  1. If only the cat could talk….and dial a phone number. I would worry less if he could! Can we work on his emergency response skills or is it unfair to impose on his furry little life any further? Hope you are ok, I don’t like this development one bit! Xoxo


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