Lumps & Bumps

I have now had my 2nd herceptin injection, or treatment 11 or cycle 25 depending on who is counting what. Each time I am asked if that number is correct…but I am well past the counting stage and am “happy” to trust the record books (which, I assume is what they are for…).  Then we had the “echo” conversation (heart function). Apparently alarm bells ring when there is a 10% drop or more from one result to the next, but mine was 9.5% – so that’s all right then…apparently!

The injection itself…a mighty (the only appropriate word I can conjure up!) needle is prepared (but…a needle holds no fear for a type 1 diabetic…so that’s all right as well). Then the injection is given slowly (over 5+ minutes). This week a lump formed (a very large lump) at the injection site – a herceptin hillock, I suggested. However, during the time I was being observed, the good poison dispersed from its landing stage around my body. So…another 3 weeks until 3rd injection…treatment 12…cycle 26…

The nurses who visit are just great (now I have got used to these visits), they are so kind and really caring BUT there is still that layer of euphemistic language that I struggle with. I was asked if I was completing my treatment after number 14. Apparently that is the standard. Standard? me? – n’ah I know I am not standard so said that I was continuing the treatment – until it stopped working…The exchange of course then shifted up a gear and I seemed to morph into one of those “ladies with a poorer prognosis” – yep..that’s me…OK but maybe not a “lady”!


4 thoughts on “Lumps & Bumps

  1. I wouldn’t have used ‘lady’ to describe you….cookie maybe (as in “one tough cookie”), pistol, hoot, mensch, do-er, woman, but honestly “lady” is way too sanitised, boring and utterly inadequate to capture all the “you” that I love about you!


  2. Hi Wendy

    I am coming over to the UK! Yes, i am coming to visit Ronnie (who isn’t doing too well at the moment). I shall be in London from the 24th April but will only be staying a week. I do not want to over tire Ronnie and I am certainly not coming over for a holiday per se.

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd


  3. As a matter of principle, I always insist on the non-standard option, whatever it may be. I have never actually met a “standard” person and if people allow themselves to be labelled as such – that’s their look-out! As for the “lady” epithet – well, I have been called worse in my time…


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