Exit through the gift shop

Unscathed?- I think not…My bright shiny appearance belies what is going on underneath. Today (a day comprising another visit to my ever swelling but fading friend) is a prime example…I spilled 4 cups of coffee in Cafe Nero – yes…4…and they even offered me a 5th, but I felt too embarrassed, despite the fact that customers kept pouring (?) in, undoubtedly thinking I was today’s “entertainment”.

Then dropped my handbag whilst getting on a central London bus…

Tonight, have just dropped not one, but two glasses of wine over my desk, laptop, carpet, chair….inevitably the second was after having cleared up the first…Room smells like a pub, booze-drenched clothes make me feel and shuffle like an alcoholic and computer screen resembles a Jackson Pollock.

I blame it all on today’s wild, haunting and destructive wind…

Time to move rooms…better go and watch the football…surely nothing can happen whilst involved in a seated “activity”….

Back to hospital on Thursday


4 thoughts on “Exit through the gift shop

  1. Maybe you need more alcohol, not less?! I tipped my handbag upside down on the park-and-ride recently – quite embarrassing but one does find a lot of “lost” items at the same time?! I favour a bag with a zip when travelling on public transport now. I will be thinking of you on Thursday.


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