…life goes on…

Hard to believe but it seems that life goes on…a “different” life yet again but this time with an endless horizon of silence that eats me whole.

Whilst festering away at home I have been fascinated by The Listening Project. I listen, listen again and then some…People chatting to each other about something of significance, or not…it has been like a conversation in another room, which I tune and out of – family, friendship, health, love. loss and the rest of life besides…Many tales of the elasticity (?) of us humans, so not a bad soundtrack for my life at present.

My health gets re-jigged into the “also ran” position…I am being maintained by increased anti-depressants and sleeping tablets. I am largely just ignoring the physical symptoms at the moment…they will keep…and, miraculously I have a couple of weeks without medical appointments!

…and the funeral..

  • what to say?
  • what to wear?
  • how on earth to get through it?

1 thought on “…life goes on…

  1. I’m so sorry about your friend. What would she have worn? Wear something to celebrate how you remember her, I’m thinking colour not black. Purple was once the colour of mourning. Her funeral will be all of the emotions, but the best bit (I found ) is that you will be amongst others remembering her and celebrating her life. Bittersweet. X


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