Having a laugh…?

You might think that I have visited and been treated in enough hospital departments, have enough medical issues and enough scheduled tests on my plate …but it appears not.

Through the door has popped a leaflet (nay…invitation) to enter another NHS specialty via the bowel scope screening service. Whilst I acknowledge that this summons has been triggered by age, surely the NHS is able to either not send or send an adapted letter to those actively being treated for cancer (there must be plenty of us out there) .

Whilst it is as likely for me, as the next person to have bowel cancer…I am not bothered about it and am certainly not going to actively seek it out. Despite the encouraging test “Most people are glad they had bowel scope screening done”…I think that I will not be one of them…I have enough cancer to deal with without adding a new strand (along with its enema).

I did open up the package thinking – really? am I really being sent this? Someone, somewhere must be having a right laugh


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