Trying (really hard) to ramp up a gear…

Another week looms. My face is looking more “normal” (now the stitches are out) although my brain seems to be staggering a few steps behind. Despite my various incapacities I now have about 4 weeks to get organised before I move house. This is a colossal downsizing operation (and an emotional minefield) which means that I need to be fully medicated in order to get a wiggle-on with pruning my possessions. I have managed about 3 hours worth today which has barely got me to base camp…especially as I get side-tracked at every available opportunity, but I have started! I have my eye steadfastly set on the finishing post (or “a” finishing post) when I have moved, am in my own new environment (unpacked and box-free) and am divorced so I can (I hope) start re-building rather than ripping the past apart.

Meantime I have to get through this. I feel drop-dead tired and as if someone is sitting on my chest forcing shallow breathing and panic so I have to keep stopping what I am doing to take deeper breaths  and calm down. I have had lots of offers of help which has been amazing BUT unfortunately I need to get through this sorting part before I can think of delegating anything. My organisational/multi-tasking skills seem to have gone into free-fall but I am relying on the fact that everything will get done, maybe not as efficiently as I have managed in the past but it will all happen. I also acknowledge that divorce, death of friend, life-threatening illness and house move are amongst the top stress factors and, true to form, I am doing all 4 concurrently, so I try to be kind to myself. Time to start making some lists and then attempt to remember where I put them…

More scans this week…

More blood tests this week…

….but it’s Wimbledon this week too….


5 thoughts on “Trying (really hard) to ramp up a gear…

  1. Thinking of you Wendy. I have a 4 day weekend every other week; when you are ready for help I make quite a good packhorse!

    Will also be praying that the transition goes as well as can be expected x


  2. Hi Wendy

    Sorry I have not been in touch but I have had a lot to think about recently not least being poor Ronnie

    She is not at all well at the moment and is now so weak that she does not get out of bed.

    Her son Jamie had a stroke on Sunday last week and this has meant further worries for Ronnie’s poor husband. It is impossible for me to get to the UK at the moment and I am very worried…..

    Good luck with the move.

    I have moved 12 times in the past 20 years and so consider myself a bit of an expert at being ruthless.

    If you can, designate 3 piles – Throw away, Give away, Keep. Be stern with yourself. If it is not immediately useful it will not be so in the future. When my sister in law emigrated from South Africa to Australia some years ago, 2 of her large boxes packed with kitchen stuff, got lost. When they finally came back to her a couple of years (!) later, she realised she had not even missed them – and donated them, unopened, to the Salvation Army!

    Love Bev

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    [Campion Education]
    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd
    7 Oxleigh Drive, Malaga WA 6090

    t 08 6240 2712
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    m 0434 954 554
    w / / /

    abn 33 074 318 602


  3. When I downsized under similar circumstances there was too much going on in my head to make decisions AND move house so rather than discard something I later longed to see I took it all with me. You only have 4 weeks in your current house, are tired and missing your friend so just let people help you pack everything – you have unlimited time for sorting when you get to your new nest. Wish I lived nearer – I would be there in a flash. x


    1. I agree with June, just get the people I hired to pack it _all_ up for you the day before you move. All you need to worry about is your bedlinen and a toiletry bag. (Having said that I’m still unpacking boxes and dropping stuff at the charity shop three years later …)


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