Free totty…

I may not be using totty in its truest sense, but being a colloquial word, I think I have poetic licence to do as I will…

…and what I have been doing is full-on canoodling  with summer fruit which is one of my passions. Daily, I have been visited by generous friends and neighbours with allotment gluts. Redcurrants, blackcurrants, gooseberries, cherries as well as chard, peas and courgettes…Lovely jubbly!

…a level of anxiety creeps in at leaving my hugely supportive community BUT…hopefully a new bunch of friends to meet…I am trying to be positive about leaving my lovely family home (and…oh yes, the old concept of family) but the wobbles poke me from time to time. I try to stop in my tracks – work it through and then go back to focusing on the future, rather than the past.


7 thoughts on “Free totty…

  1. Just think about how lucky you are at the moment receiving plentiful bounty. You never know you might be moving next door to someone that always have too much wine!!!


  2. Wow what a glut of fruit. Yummy ! I’m sure that when you start your new
    life in your new home, being the sort of person you are I don’ think you
    will have any difficulty making new friends. They are going to be the lucky ones.


  3. New friends? What about us old friends?! You’re staying in the same post code – even soft fruit travels that far. You don’t shake us off that easily.


  4. I’ve just Google Mapped new gaff …. looks like Wisteria Lane … (one lives in hope that the goings-on will be as juicy as your recent fruit glut!!) Hope the removal van can get down Warwick Street! I’ll be over soon (yes, invite or not!) xx


  5. Have you asked yourself why so many people are supporting you? Could it be that YOU ARE LOVELY?!! I think so. Queen of the Jams and Pies – no question that you will make new friends quickly! x


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