Tracy Island

I seem to be in that stomach churning mix of organisation, total pandemonium and sleepless panic…It’s – Moving Day Minus 4.

I think of things to do and by the time I get up to do them, I have forgotten what task I had set myself..My brain is fried…I keep welling up at the prospect of leaving my lovely home and I want my (dead) friend here to hold my hand and walk me through the legal minefield that decided to hurl itself at me yesterday. Oh yes…that well known Friday afternoon time bomb.

…and so, in this setting I trip over one of the black bags around the place. It speaks…really? I try to open the bag but it is very firmly knotted and I hear the “voice” (?) again..By now I am tearing the bag apart to discover….Tracy Island! I don’t remember Tracy Island speaking and, bizarrely, once I had discovered the contents and laughed, didn’t investigate further…maybe another task for today…Thunderbirds may be go, even if I’m not! Tracy Island is obviously moving with us….


2 thoughts on “Tracy Island

  1. Hope there are lots of funny surprises to keep your spirits up during the upheaval. Soon be in the new place and opening your first bottle of wine….


  2. Hoping you manage to get through the next few days with a little help from your friends. As the Beatles would say.

    I’m so sure that when you get to your new home you will find you will be so busy that sad memories will fate a little. New beginnings start Thursday wishing these
    will be happy and optimistic for you.


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