Moving swiftly on….

After a very, very, very anxious, stressy and sleepless weekend when the judge had ruled (on Friday afternoon) that my divorce settlement was unfair to my husband, sorry, ex-husband. Today when my (very expensive) lawyer explained the situation, (in court) he changed his mind and I am now AT LAST (whoo-hoo..)


(do listen to the Dolly Parton link!)

…and I can move house…in less than 48 hours…I am about to become my own person, once again…hallelujah! Sod cancer!


3 thoughts on “Moving swiftly on….

  1. hi wendy just catching up after a long abscence..Hiphip hiphoorah CongratulationsDivorce party or house warming,one party or two?Let your poodly hair down.Dont worry about your fridge etc you wont starve withall those friends bringing goodies.Looking forward to walking through your new house on Facebook whenever you get the time.One more sod u no hoo !lots of love to an amazing person.


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