Absolutely made up

Decree Absolute finally here…I am absolutely well shot…both of my marital home and my marital partner.

Now in my new house, which, with dedicated shoulders to cry on plus lifting, shifting, schlepping, organising, arranging, cleaning, vacuuming, primping, preening, arranging, re-arranging, drilling, filling, shopping, attaching, fitting, rubbish clearing, supporting, encouraging, gift and card sending as well as champagne (and food) laden friends and family (who are OF COURSE far more than just “friends” and family) – is already my new home, or…will be tomorrow when the cats come “home”.

I have been well and truly reprimanded for my Armageddon food, cleaning products and toilet paper stockpile,which, I gather is far more than comprehensive…I am guessing that the implicit suggestion is that I do not need to worry about the state of my fridge this year. Who knew? I am taking it with a pinch of salt! …but…maybe with an oven the size of a grill pan, I may (or may not!) use less ingredients.

Cats,carpentry and plumbing (with a inter-city bagel interlude)…then back on the cancer hamster wheel on Monday…


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