Knock yourself out

In a frenzy to “nest” in my new space…I have comprehensively mastered the art of head in the clouds. Each time I go into my understairs cupboard I bang my head on the low entrance and…again, on exiting. It is a regular Aladdin’s storage cave which requires constant visiting in order to weigh up storage solutions, then fit them and then organise and re-organise…

As a result of this irritating amnesia I am becoming the cat’s pyjamas in the world of phrenology, including my newly lumpen eyebrows. Of course, in my cup half full moments, I see the injuries as self-improving – my own particular route to highbrow status. Added to the remains of my facial injury and subsequent face is developing a unique and evolving pained expression!

What with this and being in flat pack Swedish Nirvana¬†Armageddon…. my life is transformed..


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