Monthly Archives: October 2015

My back pages

Unexpectedly..memories and tears trickle out as I open a variety of cookbooks (that obviously have been on the shelf for a year or two) searching for particular recipes…It is not only the “throwaway” notes and pages of letters that I randomly recycle as bookmarks but the lists (which included Christmas present ideas and for whom)…along with a variety of distinctive handwriting…Trying to think, clouds/silver linings and a good selection of dishes for dinner rather than endpapers of any sort!

“Plain English” has left the room

Monday finds me in Acronym City…I have been on its fringes for ages as I mull over what planning ahead actually means. There aren’t many days when I “forget” but some days inevitably better than others. I have dipped my toes in this forward thinking several times but then scampered (?) away but today I was pushed (in the nicest possible way)! So….

  • I have setup my DNACPR wishes
  • and started to fill in my ADRT
  • Thank goodness I already have my POA done and dusted

For the non-cognoscenti

  • DNACPR = Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • ADRT = Advance decision to refuse treatment
  • POA = Power of attorney

and now I am going to have a G&T because I know what that is…and I like it!

Solomon Grundy goes left field

…so…an “interesting” week….

  • NOPI Feast (…and “feast” doesn’t even come close!) with Scully on Saturday
  • Birthday lunch and a perfect storm on Sunday 🙂
  • Afternoon tea with the Master at Brasenose on Monday
  • Colin, prosecco and sparklers on Tuesday
  • Fine Art combined with severe Swiss angst on Wednesday
  • Womens suffrage on Thursday
  • George Eliot on Friday…and…inquest “verdict”

The week is totally enveloped in the heart-wrenching inquest into the death (yes…death…of 18 year old) Connor Sparrowhawk, my friend, Sara Ryan’s son “Asked why she had not mentioned the need to observe Connor in the bath, Sara Ryan (click on Sara to link into twitter feed) said it had not occurred to her to raise it with expert staff. She said it would have been like asking a school teacher taking children on a school trip not to “let them loose on a motorway”

This post may make sense to nobody except me but a reflection of how bizarre and eclectic life can be…All the week has been accompanied by relentless oozing pus, 2 lost finger nails, 6 lost toe nails and foul tempered cats alongside solving my telephone intrusion issue…and all set against the background refrain in my head of just how far Dollywood is from either Nashville or Chatanooga…

Sad Eyed Lady

Silence for all sorts of reasons…abusive comments to blog, which I have blocked and silent phone calls throughout day and night (one day without pause for breath) which neither my telephone provider nor police nor son seem able to stop…I have been it something, is it nothing? Are they related? But hey…I have dealt with worse than this even in recent weeks and have strong  suspicions as to where they are coming from but am more grounded than some I could mention, so will not rise to the bait.

Anyway to hell with that..I went away which seemed a quick fix at the very least..and had a great time at Cheltenham Literary Festival in the glorious sunshine, with great company, great accommodation and fantastic events, Marion Coutts, Mary Portas, Patrick Gale, Lisa Genova and more…but now back to face the music or not… (…and was the chosen place to lay my head elegant or kitsch? either way…just my bag! – see pics)

Health has taken a sort of downhill spiral but a manageable one. I have had pus leaking out of toes and fingers for a couple of weeks (which I was optimistically ignoring) but when it started spreading to other parts of my anatomy I decided I needed to seek some medical help. I am now 3 days into a 2 week course of antibiotics which seems to be starting to make a difference. I can, at least, now put some shoes on and move about more easily…

Trying to keep my eyes focused ahead despite the distractions and…keep taking the tablets…