Solomon Grundy goes left field

…so…an “interesting” week….

  • NOPI Feast (…and “feast” doesn’t even come close!) with Scully on Saturday
  • Birthday lunch and a perfect storm on Sunday 🙂
  • Afternoon tea with the Master at Brasenose on Monday
  • Colin, prosecco and sparklers on Tuesday
  • Fine Art combined with severe Swiss angst on Wednesday
  • Womens suffrage on Thursday
  • George Eliot on Friday…and…inquest “verdict”

The week is totally enveloped in the heart-wrenching inquest into the death (yes…death…of 18 year old) Connor Sparrowhawk, my friend, Sara Ryan’s son “Asked why she had not mentioned the need to observe Connor in the bath, Sara Ryan (click on Sara to link into twitter feed) said it had not occurred to her to raise it with expert staff. She said it would have been like asking a school teacher taking children on a school trip not to “let them loose on a motorway”

This post may make sense to nobody except me but a reflection of how bizarre and eclectic life can be…All the week has been accompanied by relentless oozing pus, 2 lost finger nails, 6 lost toe nails and foul tempered cats alongside solving my telephone intrusion issue…and all set against the background refrain in my head of just how far Dollywood is from either Nashville or Chatanooga…


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