“Plain English” has left the room

Monday finds me in Acronym City…I have been on its fringes for ages as I mull over what planning ahead actually means. There aren’t many days when I “forget” but some days inevitably better than others. I have dipped my toes in this forward thinking several times but then scampered (?) away but today I was pushed (in the nicest possible way)! So….

  • I have setup my DNACPR wishes
  • and started to fill in my ADRT
  • Thank goodness I already have my POA done and dusted

For the non-cognoscenti

  • DNACPR = Do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • ADRT = Advance decision to refuse treatment
  • POA = Power of attorney

and now I am going to have a G&T because I know what that is…and I like it!


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