Searching for Rhett, grits and gumbo

So I have delayed/postponed/cancelled all medical appointments because I have (finally) managed to obtain travel insurance that isn’t more expensive than my travels. I cannot risk any new developments, diagnoses, tests, investigations whilst I get on with doing the “living” bit whilst I still can.

Gone with the Wind comes a distant second to Sound of Music in the favourite film stakes…so I am saving the Salzburg shindig for when I am restricted to European travel and, instead, am going on a trip I have been hankering after forever…The magnet for my holiday is Nashville – The Grand Ole Oprey, Baton Rouge & Lafayette (and who wouldn’t want to go to places with names like that?) but I am more than happy to take in all the other delights of the Bible Belt, the Mississipi Delta, Memphis, Graceland, New Orleans…and in my head, I am already shopping, cutting a disc at Stax Records, hitting the Honky Tonk bars…and trying to find an alcoholic drink on Sundays..

I have a visa, a ticket AND a translation guide so I can be understood and, (by happy chance) get another language under my belt…eg hello translates as “Hey yall” and am just going for it ’til “I’m too pooped to pop” and am, (hopefully) “happier than a tornado in a trailer park”

Chucking health onto the back burner, going for broke and “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”


10 thoughts on “Searching for Rhett, grits and gumbo

  1. There will be some hilarious stories. Btw on a separate matter, I can’t get to the Marlon James event later in the month but thanks for inviting me. Might be a good one to read on your travels though only on Kindle given its length!


  2. Go girl!!! If you get time and opportunity in amongst all those destinations, please tell us all where you are and what exciting opportunities you are grabbing with both hands. Have a FANTASTIC time, do it all and enjoy yourself! xx


  3. congratulations have a wunnerful time.learn how to make a mint julip.Can’twait for the blog when you return.Who is the insurance?I need it for New Zealand


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