Church Crawling

Fulfilled a long standing “dream” today and spent the evening at The Grand Ole Oprey, the church of country music. It was fab on so many levels. The show goes out live on the radio, so is interspersed with very strange adverts eg Take your loved one premier river fishing (and similar), volunteers (?) did a mini dancing competition, which must have made really great radio! And of course there was the music…just loved it! On top of a visit to RCA Studio B and the Country Hall of Fame, this trip is turning into something of an odyssey.

Music just everywhere here, every bar, restaurant, back alley…So you can just dance your way around. They even have, what look like phone cable boxes, on the street, that play music. It is indeed a parallel universe!

Whilst absorbing all this music, I figured that when in Rome (or in this case the Bible Belt) that I might try and sample a gospel church service. I have been advised where to go but am getting a little antsy about it. But as southern belle alter ego would say….tomorrow’s another day







4 thoughts on “Church Crawling

  1. Lovely photos Wendy…you look fab!

    We like certain types of country music too so your blog has been really interesting. Love Gram Parsons’ outfit!

    Lots of love…and let the music play on!

    Tricia and Tony xx


  2. Are you going to New Orleans???

    Always longed to! Have you read James Lee Burke?

    Bev Jacobson
    Library Co-ordinator

    Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd


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