These boots are made for walkin’

I am back home after my Deep South adventure to find that I have sprouted wings. Not only have I acquired these wings (from the Bible Belt, I assume) but they are “mighty” itchy. They have been occupying themselves injecting some zest for living, music, travelling (along with margaritas, mint juleps, rum punch…) As a result, I am planning to get out there and do it all (and more), on steroids, whilst I am insured…so watch out North America and the Caribbean

Meantime whilst I wait to depart again, I lurch between medical departments, buildings, specialties as I catch up on everything I had calmly”shelved”. Apparently appointments were missed whilst I was away. I had not cancelled or re-arranged them as I had never received any notification. So 2 clinics down already, hospital today, more tests Monday followed by herceptin treatment and then back to oncology again on Tuesday…(dependent upon whether the doctors strike goes ahead). I think my personal inconvenience is rightly shadowed by the way the government is handling and bullying the doctors who give themselves (literally body, soul and personal lives) to our medical care.

No jet lag to date…I put the fact that I washed my clothes with dishwasher tablets and put sensitive washing tablets in the dishwasher as a case of poor eyesight rather than anything else. I have been re-acquainting myself with cups and mugs made of china rather than paper or polystyrene. However, I look at the Christmas decorations in the shops with dismay…I wonder if I will ever see the like of American “holiday” merchandise again.




3 thoughts on “These boots are made for walkin’

  1. what a lot you crammed in .absolutely fabulous.Knocks austria into a cocked hat.great photos.waiting for the next one.Big Apple?enjoy looked great!


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